Photography at the Farm

Photography at the Farm



Taking photos at the farm while you shop

We love having when people snap photos while they shop, looking for their perfect tree. There are a few photo-op spots that we’ve setup to make it easy for you. Feel free to grab one of us and we’ll help you take a photo with your phone or camera.

If you’re looking to work with a photographer to have a photography session, please have the photographer refer to the details below.

Taking photos at the farm for photographers

To make sure everyone has their fair share of time, we have a process setup for photographers to book a dedicated session. This time will be exclusive to you and your guests. It is design to ensure you have a smooth, uninterrupted session. One thing to note, our tree fields are still very young. So, for now, you would have to work within the pre-cut tree area for your photo session.

Here are the details:

  • Photographers must book their session block based on the availability of days and times within the  Book Your Session form. Each session, because our space is small, is outside of our normal operating hours. This will help you maintain parking space for your clients and ensure your sessions are uninterrupted by guests looking for trees.
  • Each photography session block is 3 hours. That allows time for a single, full-session or several, mini-sessions—your choice. This time will be exclusive to you, we will not double-book.
  • A session block costs $75 and must be paid at the time of booking.
  • We will also, if desired, create and co-host a Facebook event to spread the word about your session(s) to our fan-base.